Gina Covel RN, Vibrational Alchemist, Master Dowser and Creator of Crystalline Essence Products
Gina Covel
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I am a registered nurse who has always loved nature and animals. In the mid 90s while going through some life changes I took a break from nursing to helped a friend open a metaphysical store in the Los Angeles area. During that time I learned about aromatherapy, vibrational medicine, the healing properties of crystals and how to use a pendulum. As I perfected my dowsing skills a new path on my life’s journey began – I learned how to make & use elixirs.

I found that I was compelled almost daily to create elixirs using distilled water to hold the frequencies of individual crystals, combinations of crystals, art work & other things. Soon, again using my dowsing skills, I was guided to combine essential oils with the elixirs vibrational frequencies and gradually the collection of Crystalline Essence healing products developed.

I started selling the sprays and elixirs at street fairs, expos, psychic fairs & crystal shows up and down the California coast. Through the exposure at shows, various practitioners found my products and started using, carrying and selling them in their practices. In early 2000 I was guided to leave Los Angeles…… On to new adventures in Cornville Arizona – an area 17 miles from Sedona.

The California shows became a thing of the past as I went back into hospital nursing. It has been my loyal customers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, color therapists, etc. across the United States who have kept Crystalline Essence products out in the world these past 15 or more years.

Now, AT LAST, I am finding my true calling emerge. I have retired from nursing, the web site crystallineessence.com exists, I get to take the products back out to shows and events and as my contact with the public grows, so do my healing skills. I now offer custom elixirs and healing work using my dowsing, medical knowledge and intuitive skills.

To get more information on custom elixirs and healing packages give Gina a call +1 (928) 634-3036