Gina Covel, RNGina Covel R.N. – I am a registered nurse who has always loved nature and animals. In the early 90s when going through some life changes I took a series of classes about hands on healing & dowsing from a channeler in Redondo Beach. I had taken a break from nursing at that time and she wanted to open a metaphysical store which I helped her do.

During that time I learned about aromatherapy, vibrational medicine, the healing properties of crystals and I perfected my dowsing skills which I seemed to take to like a duck to water.

After a couple of years she & I parted ways, but not before I met some spectacular psychics & healers & received a book about the making & use of gem elixirs. The next pathway of my life’s journey began.

I found that I was compelled almost daily to create elixirs – from individual crystals, combinations of crystals, art work & things. Using my dowsing skills to ‘intuit’ what energies/vibrations to infuse in distilled water, my collection grew. I was ‘given’ the Chakra Elixirs first. I’m sure because they were something I could easily relate to & others were in need of. Next came the Basic 12.

Again, pure dowsing, no ‘thought’ came into their creations. One day I found myself looking through a list of essential oils and felt compelled to get out my pendulum. My shopping list was created and the Angel Sprays where on their way to being born.

I started selling the spays and elixirs at a Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles, then street fairs, psychic fairs & crystal shows up and down the California coast. Massage lotions, oils and bath salts got added to the product list. As I went to all the shows of course my collection of crystals, rocks and things grew steadily. A set of Vibrational Elixirs were created next.

Through exposure at the shows various practitioners found my product. One chiropractic clinic (then in Newport Beach, now Costa Mesa) started selling the Angel Sprays. After a time another line of spays they also carried became unavailable and I was asked to create some similar sprays to fill their void. Out came my pendulum and the Vibrational Sprays were created.

In early 2000 I was guided to leave L A and on to new adventures in Cottonwood Arizona, an area 17 miles from Sedona.

The California shows became a thing of the past as I went back into hospital nursing. I found here in the Arizona heat that the lotions, oils & bath salts became rancid too quickly so they have gone on stand-bye. It has been my loyal customers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, color therapists, etc. across the United States who have kept the sprays out in the world. It has been a good side business, but now AT LAST the web site time has come. The

Sprays and Elixirs get to come back out to the public. The Lotions, Oils and Bath Salts will be revived shortly and made only as ordered, and who knows what other new products will be brought through as you all become acquainted with these power-filled product.

I look forward to filling orders and getting feedback about how the products feel and how you use them. Keep me posted.